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Library FAQs

Welcome to Limehouse Public School, a proud member of the Halton District School Board!

Who can borrow from the library?

Everyone is allowed to borrow from the library! From the youngest of kindergarteners to the oldest of teachers, all are welcome to borrow books for reading at home or for classroom use.

How many books can I have out?

All students are allowed to have 2 books out at a time.

How long can I have my books out?

You may have your books out for two weeks. After that they are overdue, and other students who want to borrow books may get antsy to borrow the one you have! If you have finished it, you can return your book early and borrow another one.

I'm not finished my book! Can I renew it?

If you need some more time with your books, you can renew them for an additional two weeks. Bring them to Mrs. Provost or Ms. Hawkins or let them know you need more time.

Can my parents sign out books?

The Limehouse school library is for students and staff only. If your parents want to take out books, you'll have to take them to the Halton Hills Public Library for an afternoon!

Can I sign out books for my friends or siblings?

You are one generous person! That kind of sharing is something we really like to see at Limehouse. But don't worry about signing out books for your friends or your brothers & sisters on your library account - they have their own library account to sign out books, and besides, if they lose the book you borrowed for're on the hook for it, matey!

What's the Shelf Elf Awards? How do I get an award?

The Shelf Elf is a magical elf who looks into our library from time to time to make sure that our students are treating our library right! When he sees students at Limehouse doing things like pushing in chairs, putting away the Chromebooks, helping their classmates find books, cleaning up in the library or putting books away, he lets us know and we give out the much-coveted Shelf Elf award.

How many items does the library have?

At our library, we have a whopping 6,000 items! This includes books, e-books and streaming videos.

My book is damaged! What do I do?

There's nothing worse than checking out a book only to find someone has damaged it! If you find ripped pages, stains, or scribbling, please bring it to the library and let Mrs. Provost or Ms. Hawkins know. They will do their best to fix it. If you yourself have damaged a book so badly that it needs to be withdrawn from the library, you will be charged for the item so we can replace it.

What are the sticks in the library for?

They're our shelf markers! Mrs. Provost has given everyone a lesson on their use, but to recap: a shelf marker does just what the name says - when you find a book you want to take off the shelf and look at more closely, just use your shelf marker. Use it to show yourself where it came from so you can put the book right back where it came from if you decide you don't want to take it home. By using one, you help us keep all the books in order on the shelf, so others can find them. They are definitely NOT for hitting, sword-fighting, or air guitar.

I lost my book. What do I do?

If you've lost your book, you will have to pay for it, as we have to replace the book so others can read it too. Let Mrs. Provost know, and she will tell you how much it is to replace your lost book. If you find it within the year and it's in good condition, return it to the library and you get your money back!

Can I donate books to the library?

You can donate your gently used books to the library! However, keep in mind that we do our best to keep our collection current and exciting for all our students - your donated books may not fit our collection development policy and we will have to find your book a home at another library or school.

What is copyright?

Copyright is what people use to make sure that they are credited with the work that they've done when creating a book, a movie, an essay, etc. Whenever you do research, you need to credit the people who've gathered the information you've used. It allows people to make sure that their work isn't copied by others who may claim the work as their own. You can learn more here.

How do I cite books I used for research?

When you've finished your research, you can build a bibliography to show what books or websites you used to help you answer your questions. You can use a citation creator, like Easy Bib, or you can use Kid Bib to cite your research and build a bibliography.

Can I recommend books for the library to buy?

Please do! Go here to recommend a book you'd like to see in the library - while we can't promise we can get it, we will try!