Limehouse Public School Lynx

Forest of Reading Program

The 2021 Forest of Reading Winner!!

The Primary Students of L.P.S. are once again taking part in the Ontario Library Association’s Blue Spruce Reading Program. Each year 10 Canadian picture books are nominated for the Blue Spruce Award. Students in Kindergarten to grade 2 participate in the program and are read each of the nominated books from January to April during their Library classes. After all the stories have been read, the students will have the chance to vote for the book of their choice.

Students in the junior grades are invited to participate in the Ontario Library Association’s Silver Birch Express Program and Silver Birch Fiction Program. After students finish reading a book they use Google Classrooms to fill in a Google reading response form.

The purpose of the Silver Birch Program is to bring an excellent selection of recent Canadian children's books to the attention of Ontario children. The program involves reading at leave 5 books in each category from a list of ten nominated fiction and non-fiction titles. Students who have read 5 books will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite titles in April!

Please ask your child how they are involved this year and stay tuned to hear about the L.P.S. winners and then the Overall winners in May 2021!