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March 2020 Update Letter to Families

posted Mar 31, 2020, 10:21 AM by Helen Provost ‎[Staff]‎

Dear Limehouse School Families,


These are unprecedented and challenging times we are living in. Every one of our families and staff have been impacted in some way. During this difficult time we want to draw on the strength of our incredibly cohesive school community and offer each other support.


First of all, I’d like to thank you for the time you have and continue to put into the continuation of your child’s learning. Many of our staff are also parents and we understand how the days can feel long and hard to fill.  While the Ministry and HDSB have been working to align our next steps, our staff have begun to explore how to maintain connections and to find ways to help with learning experiences for children. 


Teacher Home Communication 

Today, you will receive a connection from your child’s teachers through email. The direction from our School Board is to assess our students’ access to technology and internet in order to inform the types of tasks/resources to share.  We are working towards directing you to resources that will support independent learning and exploration. Our staff are currently having virtual meetings to align resources and communication as best as possible. During the next week, all HDSB staff are planning for a more guided approach, under the direction of our School Programs Department. 


School Fees and Refunds

Our secretary, Brenda Last, has cancelled all Special Lunches and is in the process of working with Business Services on how to provide refunds. We thank you for your patience with this.

Email Contact: (Brenda Last, Office Secretary)


Our School Website and Twitter

Engage with us on social media! We will be exploring ways to stay connected with our families through Twitter and our Website.  If you have ideas, please send an email and we will try to make it happen! Look for regular messaging, links, and connections on our School Website beginning Monday, March 30th. You can also follow us on Twitter @LimehousePS

Email Contact: (Gabriela Echeverria Valentine, Principal)


Essential Service Workers

We’d like to offer our sincere gratitude to those whose jobs are considered essential, and to those that are now staying at home to do their part to ‘flatten the curve’. We’d like you to know that our Board is currently doing an inventory of supplies that may be considered helpful to the Ministry of Health. We’re grateful for the partnerships and kindness that’s occurring in the world.


We think of our students every day and want you to know that your family’s health and well being is our top priority and concern. Your questions and ideas are always welcome and we encourage you to reach out and connect with us, even just to say ‘hello’.


Thank you for your continued support and contribution to this global-need by staying home.



G. Echeverria Valentine (Limehouse School Principal) 

B. Last (Limehouse School Office Secretary)