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Healthy Breakfast Program

posted Oct 2, 2019, 12:30 PM by Helen Provost ‎[Staff]‎

Dear Limehouse Families,

Please read the letter below explaining to Limehouse Families what Healthy Snack and Breakfast Program are all about.  Volunteers are needed to continue the programs.

At Limehouse Public School, we're lucky to be able to have two great programs at our school:

Healthy Breakfast and Healthy Snack.  

These are partially funded by a program called Halton Food for Thought and partially funded by our amazing fundraising efforts at Limehouse, like the current 'Fresh From the Farm' one.

Healthy Breakfast will be on Wednesday mornings this year.  This consists of us preparing and serving a healthy breakfast item to all the students whom wish to have some around 8:00am.

Healthy Snack will be on Thursday's this year when there is not a Hot Dog Day occurring.  Some months when there is a Hot Dog Day, we will shift this to the Tuesday prior, if that day permits.  This happens at first break at 10:10am.  This requires us to prepare and serve a healthy snack item to all students whom wish to have some.

We would love some new ideas for each if you have them!!  If they fit within our specific guidelines set out by the Food for Thought program we would be happy to incorporate them!

Neither of these programs can exist without parent volunteers.  

Healthy Breakfast would require your time from approximately 7:30-8:30am on Wednesdays.

Healthy Snack would require your time from approximately 9:30-10:30am on Thursdays.

We have parents that currently organize these programs and have kids that are leaving the school after this year.  We need new parents to step up or else these programs won't continue to run.  The kids really love these programs and really look forward to them each week!!

Please reach out to Alyson Bowes by email if you are interested in helping in either of these, or have some new ideas.

Thank you on behalf of the students!

Healthy Breakfast and Healthy Snack Coordinators